The Casa Classroom

Rotherglen’s Casa (JK/SK mix) classrooms are carefully designed and divided into five main areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies. Music, French, and Physical Education instruction are also introduced and incorporated into the program. Our program is organized based on curriculum areas and developmental needs. Basic readiness skills and concepts necessary for reading, writing, and math are developed in a sensorially rich program that integrates hands-on experiences with science, geography, and cultural studies.

A focus in the Casa Classroom is to foster independence and instill confidence in our students to explore their own potential. This is achieved by preparing the classroom environment with attractive, self-correcting materials for the children to manipulate and learn with.  Students are taught grace and courtesy at a young age, which gives each child a heightened sense of respect for others and for themselves.

Our Montessori certified teachers guide our students toward working independently and learning through experience. In this way, students are active participants in their own learning, and their natural ability and eagerness to learn are cultivated. Children learn to work at a task from beginning to end and develop self-discipline and the capacity for deep concentration. We feel very strongly that while your child is with us, he or she is allowed to explore and learn in a positive, warm, and enthusiastic environment.