The Rotherglen Student

Rotherglen students are respectful of themselves, inclusive of others and protective of the environment. They are engaged in their learning, athletics, the arts and co-curricular activities. They are academically motivated to achieve excellence and they are leaders and innovators, prepared to be valuable contributors to their local and global communities.

At the centre of Rotherglen’s program is an enriched curriculum that equips our students with the skills and knowledge they need to develop knowledge develop their abilities and create the foundation for learning success.

At every grade level, the Rotherglen Values: Respect, Community, Learning, Communication, Civility and Citizenship are interwoven into daily life, creating a culture which empowers our students to learn and grow.

At the Casa and Primary level, this is achieved through the Montessori method, which promotes exploration and active inquiry. Learning through discovery is enhanced through the integration of monthly character education themes that focus on honesty, respect, integrity, excellence, responsibility, inclusion, creativity, fairness, compassion, and self-awareness.