REACH Legacy Project 2020

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The Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation was established in 2008 as an endowment fund with the Oakville Community Foundation (OCF). Our goal was to encourage our students to be active citizens by fostering a sense of gratitude, charity, citizenship, responsibility, leadership and empowerment. The Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation teaches all of our students that even as young people, they can make a difference, which further supports our vision of Inspired Hearts, Engaged Minds and Purposeful Lives.

Each year, our Grade 8 students work collaboratively in our Leadership Program in a culminating activity, known as the Legacy Project. Each Leadership class researches and collectively determines a cause that they are passionate to support. The students then create a multi-media report to present to a committee of Rotherglen staff and Grade 7 students. The project that is selected by the committee becomes the recipient of a significant donation generated by the endowment fund. This important aspect of our Leadership programming allows our students to take their first steps into the important work of engaging in positive community investment.

Prior to March Break, the Grade 8 students completed their Legacy Project research and had collectively chosen 8 worthy agencies to support.

Unfortunately, their plans changed due to COVID-19. When the students began the Learn from Home program after the March Break, they knew they had to act!  The Grade 8 students realized that, as a collective, they could make an impact, address the urgent needs in their community, and in doing so doing leave their legacy as a graduating class.

Through the REACH Foundation, and on behalf of the Rotherglen Community, the Grade 8 students chose Food For Life as the recipient of the Grade 8 Legacy Project. This community-based organization sources and shares fresh, nutritious food to those who are in need. The REACH Grade 8 Legacy Project made a donation of $20,000 to Food for Life, and through the Grow the Good Community Matching fund, our donation was doubled to $40,000.

Our Grade 8 students have prepared a video to further explain their efforts.

In their June 2020 press release, Food For Life expressed their gratitude to our students for their generous contribution. To view the release, please click here.

Congratulations to our Grade 8 students and a big thank you to our Rotherglen Community for their generosity and participation in our REACH fundraising events throughout the year that made this donation to Food for Life possible.

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