Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation

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An important component of a Rotherglen education is to teach our students the importance of giving to those in need and to engage in purposeful initiatives focused on supporting those less fortunate throughout the year.  We are grateful to have an engaged and generous community of families who help realize our students’ philanthropic goals.

In 2008, the Rotherglen Children’s REACH Foundation was established as an endowment fund with the Oakville Community Foundation (OCF), created as a vehicle for Rotherglen students to make a positive impact on the lives of others in our local and global communities.  Fundraising initiatives throughout the years since the fund’s inception, coupled with very generous donations from members of our community, have resulted in exciting growth of the REACH Foundation, totalling $215,000.00 to date.

Each year, income from the fund supports our Grade 8 REACH Legacy Project and our international initiative, in support of Free the Children.  The Grade 8 Legacy Project is a unique opportunity for our Grade 8 students to research a worthy charitable organization, educate our community on their chosen cause, put together a formal proposal and present it to our REACH committee for approval.  The Legacy Project allows for our entire community to learn, brings purpose to our fundraising initiatives and allows our graduating class to leave their footprint on our community for years to come.  Examples of agencies that have been supported include Big Brothers – Big Sisters, Halton Food for Thought and Conservation Halton, Songbird Meadows Project.

Our international initiative, in support of Free the Children, allows our students to understand their role in the global community and the depth of need experienced by children in different parts of the world.

All proceeds from REACH fundraisers go towards building the REACH Foundation’s fund, and in turn helps us to support our local and global initiatives.

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