Rotherglen’s Bullying Awareness Program

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During September, we are learning about the three types of bullying and the three different roles people play in bullying situations.  Parents can help their children recognize bullying by explaining the different types of behaviour and the roles of the people involved.

Discuss the types of bullying with your child and ask him or her to give you an example of each: physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying (includes cyberbullying).

Ask your child to think of a time he or she has fit into any of these roles: bully, victim, bystander.

Parents can empower their child to take a stand against bullying by making sure your child knows that he or she can depend on you to be:

Proactive when your child comes to you with a bullying report;

Be understanding and helpful, rather than judgmental, if your child has bullied someone else.


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