Terry Fox Day

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What an exciting time we had visiting the Elementary Campus for our annual Terry Fox Day! It was a tremendous success with our students and faculty participating in an entertaining assembly and walking/running to fulfill their pledges. The students listened to a presentation on Terry Fox’s life, learning about his admirable example, and the importance of continuing his Marathon of Hope. The teachers performed in hilarious skits, a “Chubby Bunny” contest, and Madame volunteered to get “pied” in the face. 
The teachers were great sports as they completed their incentive challenges. It was great fun for the children to see their teachers participate in competitions and skits, and they absolutely loved completing their Terry Fox Run with their Superhero capes and masks. 
A tremendous THANK YOU is extended to our Primary Campus families for helping us to surpass our initial fundraising goal of $7,500 to raise OVER $10,000.00 for the Terry Fox Foundation! This is our highest amount ever! We are so proud of our students and their families. Another sincere thank you goes to Ms. Simpson and Mrs. Kuiperij for the planning and orchestration of the entire event. What an incredible job!
We would also like to acknowledge our top three fundraisers and their parents for their generosity and commitment to raising funds for the Terry Fox Foundation:
1st – Ariyana H. – Room 1, 2nd – Ryan Z. – Room 3, 3rd – Angus S.- Room 5

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