The Learning Success Centre

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It has only been a few short weeks, and our new Learning Success Centre (LSC) has already become a hub of activity for both our students and teachers! In our planning for this new space, we carefully considered the needs of all of our learners and had a vision for how this new place of learning would be utilized. Creating a quiet place for students to work independently, rooms designed for one to one learning, a gathering area for student collaboration, space for teachers to plan and prepare for instruction, a new home for both teacher and student workshops, and an environment for teachers to confer about student learning, curriculum and academic planning.
We are so pleased to see this new space embraced by our students and faculty. The creation of our new Learning Success Centre closely aligns with our school’s mission of embracing uniqueness, nurturing ability and cultivating kindness. At Rotherglen, we have a deep respect for all of our learners, and the completion of our new LSC provides our students with a new place to explore, learn, and collaborate and a space for us to offer programming to support and enhance the learning that is already happening in our classrooms.

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