Truth and Reconciliation – Orange Shirt Day

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Each year at Rotherglen we dedicate time to teaching our learners about Truth and Reconciliation. On September 28, students participated in a virtual visit from Mr. Todd Jamieson. This presentation allowed our students to experience rich story-telling, and the opportunity to begin asking important questions.

On Friday, September 30, students and staff participated in Orange Shirt Day. This event opened the door to many important conversations on all aspects of Residential Schools. It provided an opportunity to create meaningful discussion about the effects of Residential Schools and their lasting impact. A conversation all Canadians can have to build bridges with each other for reconciliation. A day for survivors to be reaffirmed that they matter, and so do those that have been affected. Every Child Matters, even if they are an adult.

We started the day with a formal school-wide land acknowledgment. We acknowledge that Halton is rich in the history and modern traditions of Indigenous people. Halton is on the traditional lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit, part of the Anishinaabe Nation that extends from the Niagara Peninsula across Hamilton, Halton, and Toronto to the Rouge River Valley. We thank the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations for sharing their traditional territory with us. We also recognize the enduring presence of Indigenous people on this land. Teachers and students took part in a variety of activities, from read-alouds to group discussions. Participation on this special day reaffirms the importance of being empathetic towards those whose experiences are different from your own.

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