Visual Arts at Rotherglen

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This term, Rotherglen artists in Grades 4-8 warmed up by talking about: The Basic Elements of Shape and Design. Together we asked questions then repeated simple drawings of the fundamentals. For example: What are the shape families? Can dots be drawn in a variety of colours and sizes? How does one draw an angled line? Should I leave that space blank? Do most works of art consist of these repeated elements?
Grade 8 students have moved on to explore the Golden Spiral and the Fibonacci sequence. Each student used squared piece of paper to draw an exact spiral, then created a sequence of circles to draw a sunflower-like shape. We will continue to look closely at real sunflowers; their unique shapes and colours. Do you know why Vincent van Gogh also spent time studying sunflowers?
In Grade 7, students are training their artist’s eye to draw negative space (the empty space around objects). This exercise can feel bizarre, and it looks quite abstract in the end.
Students in Grade 6 have learned famous French artist Henri Matisse turned to “painting with scissors” during his sick and aging years. He made the most spectacular paper cut-outs then arranged them into mural size installations. Thinking about pattern and symmetry, we are going to attempt something similar!
Grade 5 students started sculpting apples. We are designing shrunken witches and wizards heads. This handmade folk art technique is wonderfully creepy and vintage at the same time.
Lastly, Grade 4 will continue to build life-sized skeletons using tape resist painting. Have you ever tried tape resist painting?

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