What’s Happening in Grade 1!

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We had a fantastic week in Grade One! The students drafted their fictional narratives by applying techniques to skillfully organize and include detail into their writing. These writing pieces with creative storylines, interesting characters, and titles, were such a delight to read!

The students manipulated the large ‘Wooden Hierarchical’ material to explore place values of numbers up to a million. They were fascinated by how concrete materials literally grow in size to represent large numbers! Students displayed greater skill and accuracy playing the ‘cash register’ game to practice addition and subtraction of Canadian money.

They enthusiastically worked on Land and Water Form projects to further consolidate knowledge and understanding of various types of geographical formations on Earth.

Our Grade One clubs are a huge success! The students look forward to the Doodle and the Super Science clubs each week.

Last but not the least, we had an amazing ‘Pink Shirt Day’ this week! The students learned about the significance of the day, and how it strives to create a kinder and inclusive world.

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