What’s Happening in Grade 2!

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This Spring has brought a buzz of excitement to Grade 2! With the new beginnings of all the plants, and the return of many of our tiny animal friends, our days have been full of research. We have studied the parts of the stem and its functions. We have put some stems to the test in an amazing experiment using carnations and coloured water. The children loved making predictions of what they thought would happen. The stems soaked up the coloured water and changed the white flowers to blue, green, and red. It was so exciting to see these changes!

We have also spent a great deal of time learning all about the 8 phyla of invertebrates. We studied the characteristics of each group and started our own projects. Some children have presented their work to their peers, while others have decided to work on more research. There have been many recesses spent hunting for invertebrates and building them suitable habitats. We are all enjoying these exciting days in Grade 2!

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