What’s Happening in Grade 7!

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Grade 7 students have been engaging in a number of exciting and thought provoking activities as of late. For example, in science our students have been tasked with designing and building a working siege engine. Taking the principles learned during the Structures and Forces unit, student groups have been putting their ideas into practice and will test the outcome of their hard work soon.

In math, students have been exploring 3D shapes and their associated measurements. To prove that it is not just about how to measure the size and surface area of your refrigerator – we engaged in a deeper discussion about birds. As shared with the classes, birds see colours differently than humans. Humans see the colour spectrum via trichromatic vision, but birds have tetrachromatic vision which allows them to also see UV light. So how do you represent the data of the visual world seen by birds – you use a triangular based pyramid. This 3D shape allows scientists the ability to graph the combinations of the blue, red, green and UV colours that birds can see inside this shape. This is how our Grade 7 math students are extending their understanding of everyday concepts.

The Grade 7 students have also been learning about Canadian history. More recently, they have focused on major events from the Seven Years’ War, and how that impacted groups at the time, and the development of Canada as we know it today. To show their understanding in a creative way, students created comic strips. Students picked the event they felt was the most historically significant and showed how that influenced the growth of Canada.

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