Our Philosophy, Mission and Vision

Our Philosophy

Honesty, respect, integrity, excellence, responsibility, creativity, fairness, compassion and leadership – these values and beliefs are reflected in all aspects of school life and endorsed by all members of our community.

We pride ourselves on being a uniquely warm and nurturing school community, which enhances every child’s learning experience. Rotherglen is what school should be – a place where staff and parents work together to instill sound values in the students in our care, and to inspire them to recognize and reach their full potential by using their knowledge, abilities and talents, combined with 21st Century learning skills, to enhance their own lives and to participate ethically and responsibly in the global community.

All students learn to achieve greater success in school environments where they feel safe, included, respected, challenged and supported. Rotherglen enables students to thrive and excel.


Engaged minds.
Inspired hearts.
Purposeful lives.

We engage young minds, create opportunities for students to lead with their hearts and guide them to live a life with purpose, find their passion and become valuable contributors to their local and global communities.


Embrace uniqueness.
Nurture ability.
Cultivate kindness.

We nurture confident, creative and compassionate life-long learners by providing an intellectually stimulating learning environment while cultivating a culture of kindness.