We are impressed with the level of communication at Rotherglen and feel that we are a part of such a wonderful community of teachers, parents and students.  From the daily drop off and pick up, to the after-school clubs as well as the mentorship offered by the older students to the younger ones, we feel we made the right choice with Rotherglen.  In a matter of just two months, we have watched S thrive academically as well as socially.  She has shared with us how much she enjoys coming to school, how welcomed she felt from the start of the school year, and how much she enjoys learning and being a part of the Rotherglen community.  She has made an abundance of friendships and we have enjoyed seeing her become an independent and self sufficient little girl.
We must share with you how happy we are to have Ms. MacLachlan teach S.  Her experience speaks for itself.  However, beyond this Ms.MacLachlan has made S feel comfortable and has created a wonderful learning environment for her to thrive in.  She has been fantastic in communicating with us on a monthly basis in terms of S and her learning thus far; and we feel that with her patience, guidance and encouragement, S will leave grade 1 feeling more confident and independent.
The M Family – Grade 1 Student


Our family is making a move to Georgetown this spring and will sadly have to say goodbye to Rotherglen.

We can hardly believe that G’s time at Rotherglen is coming to an end. It seems like yesterday we were seeing him walk into the Casa classroom all dressed in his little uniform.

Rotherglen has conditioned G to become the considerate, honest and confident young man he is today. He has developed exceptional values that will help him through all stages of life.

The relationships and memories he has made along the way will always be cherished. Most importantly, the entire faculty that taught and challenged him, not to mention the vast selection of extracurricular activities.

Rotherglen is truly “what school should be” and will be greatly missed.

The V Family – Oakville Elementary Campus

I want to thank you and your amazing team for providing my kids with such an incredible school experience.  I can’t tell you how  pleased I have been.   In all honesty, when going online and reading “What School Should Be”,  I never imagined that really is the essence of Rotherglen. My kids have lived in Florida, Texas, and now here.  They have attended private schools, public schools, private Catholic schools.  I was never impressed.   Always disappointed in what education was turning into.    What happened to self esteem, individualized education, organizational skills, helping kids find their passions?   It all fell so robotic. For a few months after we moved, we decided we were heading back to Texas: the weather, the move;  it was just too much, but the only thing that held us here was Rotherglen.   We are just never going to find ANYTHING like it for the kids anywhere else.  When we were struggling with the adaptation process, our comment was, “We are still here just because we love our kids’ school”.

I am happy to report we are super happy with a million things now.  In short, thank you!  Thank you for holding my kids accountable, for encouraging them, for caring about education, for providing opportunities for them to explore and develop their character.  They both have growth tremendously and Rotherglen has been amazing for each one of them for completely different reasons.  Thank you for recognizing their individuality, for celebrating their uniqueness,  for helping them integrate as positive members of the Rotherglen community.

A. L Gr. 6 and 8 Parent

I wanted to share with you how happy I am with Rotherglen. I will write this in a formal letter when I have time. As you know, K entered the school 5+ months ago not knowing her letters. She had been in another Montessori school for a year and there had been little or no progress, and she refused to learn from me and V. Today, just months later, she will be getting her first reader bag. It actually brings me to tears when I think of the progress she has made. Ms. H has done a phenomenal job with her. I am not only impressed but so grateful for everything all of you have done for her. I am confident that through your philosophies and teachings, K will continue to progress at this rate. I cannot thank you enough.

I would also like to comment on J’s progress. At 6 years old, she is now able to read and comprehend thick novels. She is currently reading the original Anne of Green Gables. I would never have expected this from her at grade 1. Over the past few years, you, Ms. H and Mrs. P have given her the tools to excel academically and socially.

Enrolling and keeping my children at Rotherglen has been one of the best choices that we have ever made. My husband and I sincerely thank you for all that you have done. Please feel free to share this email with Ms. H, Mrs. P and the owners of Rotherglen.

Best Regards,
V. – Parent of a Casa student


I would like to recognize and congratulate Rotherglen staff and administration on the work you do.  I see it on a daily basis.  You have guided my children and empowered them during their development.  Thank you for being available every single time when needed, providing feedback, guidance and reassurance.  The support my children and I have received is beyond my expectations.  Knowing that the staff is dedicated to not only my children’s academic growth but more so as people is a very unique trait at Rotherglen.  I see two teenagers who are kind to others and I am proud that they are both inclusive and compassionate of the people around them.  All of these values have been reinforced very strongly by the school and I truly thank you for that.

AL – Parent of a Grade 7 student and a graduate