Welcome: Oakville Primary Campus


Welcome to Rotherglen School’s Primary Campus. Fondly referred to as the “yellow school”, we provide a bright, welcoming, and engaging Montessori environment for our youngest students in Casa – Grade 1 (ages 4 – 6). Our fully qualified teachers have been providing an exceptional academic Montessori education to students for more than 35 years, and we are proud of our history, which has helped us to develop a solid sense of community for our Rotherglen families. Our community, in turn, gives each one of our students a heightened sense of respect and responsibility for others, and, in so doing, respect for themselves.

We understand from research that our young students are developing at an astounding pace. By providing a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for our students at this early age, we can best encourage and guide them to develop their intellectual curiosity and foster a love of learning. Children are at the heart of our school, and cultivating their joy of learning through our proven Montessori principles and practices, enhanced by 21st-century learning, encourages them to become confident, curious, compassionate, and self-motivated learners.

Our dedicated, passionate, and exemplary teachers are tremendously motivated by student success and are a source of inspiration to every student. Whether learning from the classroom teacher, our music specialist, or their French teacher, every one of our teachers creates classroom environments that are peaceful yet stimulating, structured yet providing the needed flexibility to individualize learning and offer choice. By accommodating for the needs of the whole child, we provide each student with the opportunity to reach their full academic potential. We also believe that our role as educators is not just to give our students knowledge now, but also to teach them to embrace learning as a lifelong journey.

I am excited to be a part of your child’s journey in this exceptional learning environment and I know you will be most impressed too. Our educational experience is best understood when seen in action. I invite you to visit our Oakville Primary Campus to experience Montessori education at its best. We look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you to our Rotherglen community.

Mary Williamson
Head of School, Oakville Primary Campus