Rotherglen Values

The principles on which Rotherglen is founded…

RESPECT for the individual nature of each child

Every day, with every lesson, we ask: what will define success for this student? Our goal is to help each student discover and develop their best, most authentic self. Since 1979, our approach has been what is now called differentiated learning, and Rotherglen is recognized as progressive in the field.

A warm, inclusive COMMUNITY

Children in strong communities thrive. Rotherglen has a welcoming, family atmosphere and a common purpose: our students’ success. We are a collaborative community of learners, in which our teachers and staff, in partnership with parents/guardians, are advocates for our students. Our school attracts parents/guardians who want to be involved in their child’s learning process.

Engaging children in their own LEARNING

Engaged children are excited to learn. We challenge students in an enriched learning environment, and guide each one to connect with new knowledge in a way that will make sense to them. Once that spark ignites, we help them develop skills that will feed their intellectual curiosity and turn learning into a lifelong love.


Rotherglen’s community is bonded by active dialogue between all members. We listen and question so that we can guide our students on their path of life-long learning. Our teachers continually grow as professionals through formal education and training as well as ongoing professional development about best practices.


Rotherglen develops hearts as well as minds, from courtesy and respect for diversity to active community service. We encourage students to explore their world and empower them to see that what they do matters. As a result, there is something remarkable about a Rotherglen student: they are confident, compassionate, genuine and exceptional ambassadors for our school.

It is our goal to educate the mind and heart, and to encourage and support our students to become confident, compassionate and creative leaders.