Exceptional Faculty

Our highly-qualified teachers work as an integrated team, helping each other develop as professionals by sharing their knowledge, skills and resources. They also serve as the first line of communication touch with our families for matters related to student learning and relationships. In the classroom, our teaching staff builds a strong team spirit with students.

We view the relationship between home and school as a partnership, grounded in transparent, two- way communication. Rotherglen’s doors, virtual and physical, are always open and we have put systems firmly in place to keep families informed and involved.

Our teachers are amongst the best and engage the interest and participation of each and every student. Many are designated to teach specialist subjects and a growing number hold Masters degrees. Not only are our teachers highly-qualified, they are inspiring individuals who are deeply committed to the school’s vision and our students.

We enhance our learning community by investing in extensive professional development to an extent that few if any other schools do. This includes up-to-date training in First Aid and CPR, as well as best-practice teaching and learning strategies for all subjects. Our teachers also build our collective knowledge base by regularly sharing best practices with each other.

Rotherglen teachers know that engaging your child is the key to their academic success. They also help students see mistakes as learning opportunities, to understand the rewards of hard work and master skills such as time management.

We believe that meeting each child’s specific needs through meaningful engagement is not just our role; it is our ethical responsibility.

Rotherglen teachers and administrators provide guidance, inspiration and act as role models to our students. Experts in their fields, they model the kind of ongoing personal growth, development and self- direction we strive for in our students.