Our Open Door Approach

As a parent, you will be offered the opportunity to meet formally with teachers four times a year. You can also expect to receive a call to discuss your child’s progress from your child’s homeroom teacher, at regular intervals throughout each school term. An agenda that lists homework each day comes home after school, and you can visit Edsby our secure parent website, to visit class web pages for more information. If you have questions or concerns, our teachers are easy to reach by phone or email. All teachers have classroom phones with voice mail and laptops which allow for daily access to email. A faculty member will respond to your inquiry within a 24 hour period. Email updates will arrive in your inbox each Friday to help you plan for the events and activities in the week ahead, and our weekly newsletters will keep you abreast of school events and achievements. Rotherglen is active on Twitter and Instagram; expect regular posts that include a variety of photos and videos of our students in action.

In the classroom, teachers listen for the insights that permit us to guide your child to discovery. Children flourish in the trusting relationships that develop with their teachers. Our teachers regularly share information and ideas in a friendly, collegial way, which in turn, creates a knowledgeable, tightly knit faculty.

Forging real connections with students and experiencing the magic that comes with shared learning excites each and every Rotherglen teacher. Their commitment and enthusiasm is contagious throughout our community.

School administrators provide ongoing communication with our families and students, and they work hard to accommodate the individual needs of every student. We believe this open door approach with both teachers and parents creates an environment based on trust and respect.