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Our Vegetable Garden- Erin Mills Campus

It is wonderful to see our vegetable garden coming to life. In June, the Grade Three students helped plant some seedlings they started indoors and we are now starting to see the result of their work. They helped plant some … Continue reading

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Different Types of Homes Grade Two- Erin Mills Campus

As part of our  Grade Two History studies, the children learned how shelter has changed over time.  They looked at housing during prehistoric times, Middle ages, Renaissance, Greek and Roman times. The students then designed and made their models using a wide … Continue reading

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The students were thrilled to be using a hammer and nails to create a plaque for Father’s Day. The children enjoyed the challenge of ‘hitting the nail on the head’ in order to make sure the nails went in straight. … Continue reading

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Studying the Constellations with Grade One Erin Mills Campus

During the Spring term, the Grade One students learned about the constellations. They enjoyed making their own constellation using toothpicks and marshmallows. This was a creative way for the children to see the star formations. Also, as part of their … Continue reading

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