Portrait of a Student

Rotherglen students are keen and motivated learners who possess a thirst for knowledge. Just as the teachers inspire the students to learn, Rotherglen teachers are inspired to see our students succeed.

Rotherglen students are proud ambassadors of the school, and contribute hours of community service each year. They possess a sense of integrity that continues to grow throughout their Rotherglen years, creating a foundation for the successful young men and women they are destined to become.

Each year, as we send our graduates onto the next chapter of their education, we are able to look back with pride on the journey they have taken at Rotherglen. We have watched these students perform in school musicals, compete on athletic teams, provide leadership to our younger students, excel in academics, organize fundraisers for local, national and international charities, conduct work projects in third-world countries, speak confidently during assemblies, and experience first-hand that they can make a difference in the world.

It is a joy to watch these students become confident, compassionate and creative learners and leaders and we eagerly follow their future success.

We welcome new students to the school just as eagerly every September. From four-year-olds taking the first steps in their school career or six-year-olds joining us in Grade 1, or other students who have heard about the Rotherglen education and are joining us to enhance their learning experience, we look forward to meeting each student and to starting a new journey together.

No matter when a child joins our school community, it is our goal to empower our students to be tomorrow’s leaders – accomplished, confident and able to reach their full potential. We achieve this through developing:

  • Higher-order 21st Century thinking and learning skills and a deep understanding over a range of academic disciplines
  • Lifelong love of learning and the skills to adapt to change
  • Personal responsibility, good health and resilience
  • Pride and a sense of belonging to their school community
  • Knowledge of the world and an understanding of global citizenship and the importance of an international perspective
  • Appreciation of democratic processes, responsible citizenship and an ability to contribute to the development of society