News from Casa – Room 2

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April has been an action-packed month.  Room 2 has been immersed in all things Brazil.  We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Brazilian culture, food, sports, language (Portuguese) and especially the Amazon Rainforest. The children used all their knowledge and skills to create wonderful stories and beautiful artwork. We loved our time spent in Brazil and hope to make it to the rainforest one day to see the amazing animals for ourselves. 
Our International Day Open House was a huge success. We were full of excitement welcoming all of our friends and families into our classroom and getting to show off all of our knowledge about Brazil. The children also had a great time on their journey around the world checking out the other classrooms. It’s not very often you can travel the world in a couple of hours!

To coincide with Earth Day, we have been spending some time learning about our Earth. We have discussed many ways that we can take care of the Earth to make sure it is a great home for everyone. It was amazing to see how many ideas about conservation and recycling the class came up with on their own. We agreed that we should be taking care of the Earth every single day, not just on Earth Day!   


In May we are looking forward to blasting off to Space as we explore the Solar System. We will launch into all things outer space and learn about the planets, the sun, the stars, and the different phases of the moon.  

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