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The beginning of the new term has been bustling with energy and excitement in Grade One. Students have been working hard in the areas of Language, Math, Art and Culture. Students continued to explore the Adjective and the Noun and learned how to identify and apply these parts of speech into their journal writing. Students created Winter Recounts and exercised their reading comprehension skills through their SRA work. New Year celebrations brought an air of reflection and forward-thinking. Each student chose a ‘one word’ theme, like ‘friendship’, ‘happiness’, or ‘kindness’, symbolizing their hopes for the year. Our classroom’s collective word, ‘community’, sets the tone for the term as we hope to explore and strengthen our sense of togetherness.

Term 2 is a time when many new and exciting lessons are introduced. While students continue to strengthen their Addition and Subtraction skills, they also have had a chance to dabble in lots of new materials and lessons. In Geometry, students learned how to identify the three types of triangles – Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene and constructed their own using the Geometry Sticks Material. Students also enjoyed reviewing two-dimensional shapes and using Tangrams to create abstract pictures. In an interactive Math lesson, students were introduced to the concept of Numbers to One Million and explored the fact that numbers are infinite. Students also continued studying the 5 Classes of Vertebrates, starting the term by exploring the Parts of and Life Cycle of a Bird. We all enjoyed exploring Land & Water Forms and identifying these forms on a larger globe. Students made seasonal art including mixed media winter birds and paper winter cities.

In February, we’ll delve into the world of Reptiles, the Sun’s relationship with Earth, and tackle Word Problems. Students will also continue to explore the Elements of a Story and write their own short stories and fairytales. Students will have the opportunity to exercise their research skills through completion of their Independent Research Project and will become mini-scientists as we complete both the Root and Seed Experiments later in the month. Students will continue to work with Canadian money and will begin their art exploration into impressionist artists such as Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.

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