News from the Library!

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This week in Library, Grade 4 students engaged in a MakerSpace session designed to explore physical science through hands-on activities. Working in pairs, they utilized Lego BricQ, building different Lego creations to investigate concepts of forces and motion. It was exciting to see how each pair worked together and overcame obstacles as they arose.

The Library has recently introduced state of the art computers dedicated to research purposes, enhancing the academic environment for students of all ages. Having access to our Rotherglen Library Catalogue, these new computers provide an efficient platform for students in all grades to become more independent when searching for books in the Library. Also, these new computers give students access to our school’s online research tools of Britannica, World Almanac, and Explora. Having access to verified scholarly articles, academic journals and electronic books, students can delve into research with ease. These new computers not only facilitate individual research and collaborative learning, it serves as an invaluable tool for expanding academic inquiry.

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